Super Delux Fowler Bed with Imported Collapsible Railings.

  1. Ø  Mechanically operated
  2. Ø  Back rest and kneee rest operated by screw system
  3. Ø  Uniformly perforated 1mm four sectional CRCA sheet top
  4. Ø  Main frame made of strong rectangular CRCA pipe
  5. Ø  Half length imported Aluminium Collapsible side railing
  6. Ø  Location provided for I.V Rod
  7. Ø  Mattress Surface: 188L x 90W cms
  8. Ø  Overall size: 210L x 92W x 60H cms
  9. Ø  Pre-treated & epoxy powder coated finish
  10. Provided with Mattress


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